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Security analysis tools

We offer an easy to use tool and APIs to get detailed information about hosts and the infrastructure behind them. Gathering data from different providers and our substantial internal databases (compiled for 10+ years), and also real-time host configuration analysis, the platform gives an in-depth look at the target host. It is a building block in your threat detection toolkit.

Gather data about a host Highlight suspicious items Analyse configuration

We provide

Threat intelligence analysis

Find detailed information about a host and the underlying infrastructure in seconds through the web interface.

Sample reports

Threat intelligence APIs

Integrate our rich data sources into your system and extend it with the threat intelligence analysis' insights.

Available APIs

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We check

IP Resolution

Analyze host's infrastructure, get IP addresses along with their geographical/ASN distribution and compare to the reverse IP lookup results.

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SSL Certificates

Analyse domain's SSL (HTTPS) certificates, test SSL connection and configuration.

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Website Content

Content analysis, relations to the other domains and host configuration issues.

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Malware Detection

Check if the domain is considered to be dangerous in various malware data feeds.

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WHOIS records

Retrieve, output and analyze domain name's WHOIS record.

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Mail Servers

Check DNS MX records' configuration and examine the corresponding mail servers.

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Name Servers

Check name servers' configuration, output details and possible configuration issues.

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