We provide a tool easy to use to get detailed information about websites. TIP connects to many Internet data sources, our internal databases and to the website’s host and analyses its settings and content. It detects malicious or suspicious behavior, configuration leaks etc. and outputs the information needed for further investigation as a result.


Website's content analysis, relations to the other domains and host configuration issues.

  • Pages parsed
  • Components
  • 3-rd party services integration
  • Potentially dangerous content
  • Host configuration issues
  • Open ports and services

Analyse domain's SSL (HTTPS) certificates and test host's SSL connection and configuration.

  • Certificates chain
  • Issued to
  • Issued by
  • Certificate details
  • Certificate validity
  • SSL vulnerabilities

Check if the domain is considered to be dangerous in various malware data feeds across the Internet.

  • Web of Trust: Safe Web Search & Browsing
  • Yandex Safe Browsing
  • Phish Tank
  • Virus Total suspicious URLs analyser
  • Ransomware Tracker
  • Zeus Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting Feeds
  • StopForumSpam Feed
  • Open Threat Exchange (Alien Vault)

Retrieve and analyse domain name's WHOIS record.

  • General information
  • Domain owner
  • Administrative contact
  • Technical contact
  • Domain status
  • Domain check
  • WHOIS and DNS name servers match

Checks DNS MX records' configuration and the corresponding mail servers.

  • MX records
  • Configuration check
  • Reverse IP addresses match
  • Real time blackhole check
  • Mail servers response

Check name server's configuration, output details and possible issues.

  • NS records
  • SOA record
  • Configuration is correct
  • Name servers respond
  • Configuration meets best practices
  • SOA record configuration is correct

Analyzes domain's IP addresses and their geographical distribution and performs reverse IP lookup.

  • Main infrastructure servers
  • Other domains on the same IP
  • IP distribution
  • Known subdomains
  • Connected domains