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Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solutions

Effectively managing modern-day attack surfaces requires versatile and integrated intelligence gathering and analytical capabilities. Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) APIs are designed to enrich all types of ASM platforms and systems through extensive and contextualized threat data gleaned from domain, DNS, IP, SSL, security databases, and other intelligence sources.

Our APIs enable you to perform profound asset contextualization using 120+ parameters to analyze and score hosts, map complete DNS infrastructures, detect suboptimal configurations and vulnerabilities, and more.

Instant Asset Scoring
Deep Configuration Analysis
Vulnerability Remediation

TIP’s API Capabilities for ASM

Domain Infrastructure Analysis API

Learn more about the entire DNS and IP infrastructure and the associated MX, NS, and other resource records of the Internet-facing assets owned by or related to an organization.

Domain Web server Mail server Name server Subdomains Geolocation info Subnetwork info
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SSL Certificate Chain API

Verify the complete details of Internet-facing assets’ SSL certificate chains and if these can be traced to a trusted certificate authority (CA).

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SSL Configuration Analysis API

Check for the existence, configurations, potential anomalies, and exploitable vulnerabilities of Internet-facing assets’ SSL certificates.

HTTPS Host Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Domain
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Domain Malware Check API

Check if any domain or IP assets owned or related to an organization have been flagged as dangerous on any major security databases.

Domain Security Databases Malware
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Connected Domains API

Uncover all the domains and subdomains connected to IP addresses pertaining to an organization as part of attack surface discovery and management processes.

IP Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3
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Domain Reputation API

Run a complete scoring analysis of any domain or IP address and identify the most vulnerable assets and best practices for vulnerability remediation using more than 120 parameters.

Domain / IPv4 Analysis Reputation score
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