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Our Threat Intelligence APIs work hand-in-hand to provide all available information about a domain or IP address of interest, including passive Domain Name System (DNS) data. Their connections to multiple threat data repositories and our own collection of rich databases translate to in-depth host configuration analyses completed in seconds.

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Provided APIs

Domain Infrastructure Analysis API

We provide a list of the web, mail, and nameservers (NSs) of a domain name or an IP address. We also identify known subdomains, IP address resolutions, and geolocation data.

Domain Web server Mail server Name server Subdomains Geolocation info Subnetwork info
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SSL Certificate Chain API

We give out in-depth information about a domain or an IP address’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate chain. All results come in a consistent JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, making them easily integrable with existing solutions and systems.

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SSL Configuration Analysis API

We simulate SSL connections to a domain name or an IP address in question to determine its host and scrutinize its configuration. That allows us to identify issues that can potentially lead to weaknesses.

HTTPS Host Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Domain
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Domain Malware Check API

We check a domain or an IP address of interest against several threat data sources for signs of malicious activity. That alerts you to potentially harmful web properties that should be avoided.

Domain Security Databases Malware
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Connected Domains API

We retrieve all domain names connected to the IP address your search result resolves to. That lets you ensure a website doesn’t share a host with dangerous pages, giving you a fuller picture of your search term’s entire infrastructure.

IP Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3
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Domain Reputation API

We evaluate a particular domain or IP address’s reputation using a combination of security data sources to gauge its trustworthiness. Our system uses more than 120 parameters to calculate the resulting reputation score.

Domain / IPv4 Analysis Reputation score
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