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We provide threat intelligence APIs with comprehensive information on hosts and the infrastructure behind them. By combining data obtained from various providers, our own exhaustive internal databases, and by analyzing host configuration in real time, we provide threat intelligence APIs that offers an in-depth perspective on the target host and crucial threat detection for any system.

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Provided APIs

Domain's Infrastructure Analysis API

For a given domain name, get a collection of its web, mail, and name servers as well as its known subdomains. For each infrastructure entry, find out its IP address, geolocation and subnetwork information.

Domain Web server Mail server Name server Subdomains Geolocation info Subnetwork info
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SSL Certificates Chain API

For a given domain name, get detailed information about its SSL Certificate and the complete SSL Certificates chain. The data is provided in a unified and consistent JSON format and could be easily integrated with your system.

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SSL Configuration Analysis API

For a given domain name, establish and test SSL connection to the host and analyze how it is configured - to detect common configuration issues potentially leading to vulnerabilities.

HTTPS Host Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Domain
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Domain Malware Check API

For a given domain name, check if it is considered to be dangerous in different security data sources. Dangerous domains could be related to a malware distribution network or host a malicious code.

Domain Security Databases Malware
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Connected Domains API

Retrieve a list of domain names resolving to a given IP address, including subdomains. Make sure the website does not share the IP address with malicious domains, as that may result in overblocking – a situation when a blocked malicious site also blocks other sites with the same IP. Research the infrastructure of connected domains.

IP Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3
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Domain Reputation API

Evaluate a domain's reputation based on numerous security data sources as well as on an instant host's audit procedure. For a given domain name or IPv4 address, collect and evaluate over 120 parameters and calculate the resulting reputation score.

Domain / IPv4 Analysis Reputation score
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