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Domain Reputation API

API Documentation

Evaluate a domain's reputation based on numerous security data sources as well as on an instant external configuration audit procedure

For a given domain name or IPv4 address, collect and evaluate over 120 parameters and calculate the resulting reputation score based on:

  • Website's content, relations to other domains and host configuration
  • Domain's SSL certificates, SSL connection, and configuration
  • Check if the domain is considered to be dangerous in various malware data feeds across the Internet
  • Domain's WHOIS record
  • DNS MX records' configuration and corresponding mail servers
  • Name server's configuration
  • Domain's IP addresses' infrastructure, perform reverse IP lookup
Domain / IPv4 Analysis Reputation score

Input parameters

  • Domain name: target domain name or IPv4 address to be analyzed
  • Mode:
    • Fast (default) - a faster way to retrieve the score, but with fewer parameters involved. Costs 1 credit.
    • Full - a slower but very comprehensive analysis. Costs 3 credits.

The data returned

  • Reputation Score: Composite safety score. 0 is dangerous, and 100 is safe.
  • Warnings: The list of warnings detected during the tests execution.

Sample output

    "reputationScore": 97.51,
    "testResults": [
            "test": "Name servers configuration meets best practices",
            "warnings": [
                "Some name servers are located on a single ASN: - AS26496, - AS26496"
            "test": "SOA record configuration check",
            "warnings": [
                "The minimum TTL is 600. Recommended range is [3600 .. 86400]"

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