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Just How Secure Is Your Organization in Today's Digital World?

Posted on June 25, 2018

Have you sat down with your IT department lately to review the strength of your organization’s cybersecurity plans? Have you recently experienced a data breach that has you questioning whether your company’s servers are actually secure? Ensuring that your organization’s threat intelligence is optimally prepared to prevent and combat cyberattacks is increasingly important in today’s digital world. In addition to listing the number of technical security tools you have in place, it is further necessary to consider the holistic environment of digital defense that your office maintains.

Security Perceptions vs. Reality

Several recent surveys completed in both the U.S. and the U.K. about threat intelligence among organizations have shown that an overwhelming majority of executives believe that they perform above average in cybersecurity. The fact is, however, that businesses all over the world face cyberattacks every day. Moreover, most IT workers admit that their job descriptions are so broad that they are not able to dedicate as much time to security as they should. Because of this, most cyberattacks are not responded to until after an hour of their onset. Likewise, IT workers also claim that they are generally unable to combat zero-day threats.

The reason why organizations have unrealistic perceptions of their own threat intelligence is simply part of human nature to overestimate success. It is the same intuition that makes you positively answer a question about how healthy you are before carefully considering your actual dietary and exercise habits. When it comes to cyber security, not being aware of reality can allow malware, viruses, and hackers to infiltrate your system and potentially compromise essential company or client data.

Importance of Threat Anticipation

One of the most crucial threat intelligence tools is the ability to anticipate potential threats. Even companies that have comparatively strong cybersecurity often fail to include anticipation as part of their core threat intelligence policies. This means that even when organizations can address cyber attacks as they come, they may not be able to prevent new ones. They may also be less aware of important signs of unsecure networks, files, and websites that could be avoided. Moving forward with proactive cybersecurity plans can make your business better able to protect privacy and data.

Improve Your Security

There are several key steps your business can take to integrate threat intelligence API for stronger cybersecurity. Consider the options listed below:

  • Hire IT personnel dedicated to security.
  • Equip your employees with knowledge for how to securely access the internet and company files.
  • Ensure that contractors and supplies also abide by secure digital practices.
  • Consider using secure apps for building and storing stronger passwords.
  • Set your login system with two-factor authentication for an added wall of security.
  • Acquire a HTTPS web security certificate for your company website and use caution when accessing HTTP (no ‘S’) websites.
  • Conduct semi-annual reviews of security protocol, provide follow-up staff training, and fine-tune cybersecurity operations.

As the world and the global economy becomes increasingly more digital, concerns about cybersecurity are on the rise. Optimizing your organization’s threat intelligence is crucial not only for preventing substantial loss, but also for protecting the privacy of your clients, customers, and employees. Perform a comprehensive analysis of your company protocols and ensure that your perceptions of security are reflected in actuality.

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