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Domain Reputation API

API Documentation

Learn how Domain Reputation API can help with domain and IP safety rating

We offer an extensive configuration audit procedure to gauge the reputation of a domain name or IP address through an overall score using 120 parameters that take the following into consideration:

  • Website content, connected domains, and host configuration
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate connection, validity, and configuration
  • Malware and other malicious host connections
  • WHOIS record details
  • Domain Name System (DNS) mail exchanger (MX) record and corresponding server presence and configuration issues
  • Nameserver (NS) details and configuration issues
  • IP address resolutions for reverse IP lookup purposes
Domain / IPv4 Analysis Reputation score

Input parameters

  • Domain name - Domain name for analysis
  • IP address - IP address for analysis
  • Modes:
    • Fast (default) - A faster way to retrieve the score, but with fewer parameters involved; costs 1 credit per query.
    • Full - A slower way that enables comprehensive analysis; costs 3 credits per query.

Data returned

  • Mode - Selected mode.
  • Reputation score - Composite safety score ranging from 0 (unsafe to access) and 100 (safe to access).
  • Warnings - A list of alerts users may need to take a closer look at.

Sample output

    "mode": "fast",
    "reputationScore": 97.51,
    "testResults": [
            "test": "Name servers configuration meets best practices",
            "testCode": 76,
            "warnings": [
                "Some name servers are located on a single ASN: - AS26496, - AS26496"
            "test": "SOA record configuration check",
            "testCode": 84,
            "warnings": [
                "The minimum TTL is 600. Recommended range is [3600 .. 86400]"

Why Use Domain Reputation API?

  • Domain Reputation API’s extensive array of security checks can help add new features to your threat intelligence platforms.
  • Start rating domain names and IP addresses as part of your security analyses and forensic investigations.
  • Determine which domains and IP addresses are more likely to be linked to cyber attacks and fraudulent transactions and should be kept out of your network.

Enjoy the benefits that Domain Reputation API offers with a free subscription plan upon registration. Get 100 credits free of charge.

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