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Connected Domains API

API Documentation

Use Our Reverse IP Lookup API to find domains connected by the same IP address

Obtain a comprehensive list of all the domains and subdomains hosted on the same IP address. A site that shares a host with malicious web properties can put a domain at risk, possibly ending up on the blacklist of organizations that practice IP-level blocking.

IP Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3

Input parameters

  • Domain name - Target domain used as search term

Data returned

  • Number of domains - Number of domain names connected to the same IP address.
  • Domains - An exhaustive list of domain names connected to the same IP address.

Sample output

  "numberOfDomains": 4,
  "domains": [

Practical uses of our Reverse IP Lookup API

  • Add reverse IP lookup capabilities to your security platforms to analyze domains connected to suspicious IP addresses.
  • Find out whether an IP address is used as part of a dedicated or a shared hosting infrastructure based on the # of connected domains.
  • Conduct large-scale asset discovery analyses easily as part of your penetration testing and threat hunting activities.

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