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The Importance of Threat Intelligence

Posted on January 30, 2019

Today, the internet has become an essential tool for most businesses and the general public. After all, the internet holds possibilities for worldwide communication, commerce, socializing, education, and many other usages. Like anything useful, the internet is not without its dangers. Various threats are invented and implemented every day and they can severely compromise individuals and businesses on the internet. If you are one of the millions of people who prefer to use the internet with less risk of being infected by these threats, Threat Intelligence could be the solution for you.

What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence is essentially knowledge of potential threats. In terms of the internet, threat intelligence can include knowledge of how a threat works, what it is trying to accomplish, and how it goes about threatening your system. Threat Intelligence of a virus, for example, would let you know how the software works, how it infects your computer systems, what the sender gains by sending it to you, and how to best keep it out of your system.

Aren’t Anti-Viruses Good Enough?

While installation of a quality anti-virus is always a recommended first step, threat intelligence goes beyond reactive software to block increasingly complex attacks. Cyber threat actors are constantly coming up with new, creative ways to manipulate systems. Threat Intelligence looks at all aspects of your system and keeps your computers and software safe by analyzing the many ways that threats can come in and negating them in strategic ways. With the inclusive information gathered about potential threats, experts in providing Threat Intelligence services for businesses are able to consistently save systems from current attacks and prevent potential dangers in the future.

Is only having an anti virus software a good enough solution

What Kinds of Threat Intelligence Are There?

There are several types of Threat Intelligence available to those looking to ensure the safety of their systems. There is threat analysis that takes an in-depth look into particular dangers. The analysis brings back detailed information on what the threat is and how to prevent it. Additionally, there are Threat APIs. API stands for application programming interface, and simply refers to two programs that are able to freely exchange information. A Threat API systematically analyzes everything your computer is doing and reports on or removes potential threats.

Benefit of Threat intelligence over other security solutions.jpg

What is the Benefit of Threat Intelligence over Other Protective Software?

Having Threat Intelligence gives you a head start on threats. Much of the time, anti-virus and other protective software is solely reactive. That is to say, when a threat is noted, the software takes steps to block it and keep it from infecting your computer. Threat Intelligence can do this, but it also tracks threats to their source and prevents them from continuing to interfere with your computer systems. By keeping track of the essential information about who is sending threats to your system, why they are doing it, and what methods they are using, Threat Intelligence can creatively remove threats from accessing your system, so you never have to know they’re there.

Threat Security for Peace of Mind

Because we spend so much of our life on the internet, it is essential to be able to navigate the web safely. Extra protection can not only keep data and software safe, but it can give you the confidence you need to perform the essential tasks that make your life or business work.

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