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Threat intelligence API docs

General information


To authorize your requests you need to get your personal API key. Get it on the My subscriptions page.

You can pass the API key using one of the following ways:

Query string


Request headers


Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

Rate limit

Each user is limited to 100 requests per minute. If that limit is exceeded, you'll to wait 1 minute before sending new requests.

To control the rate limit programmatically, you can use the following response headers:

Example value
What it means
X-RateLimit-Limit X-RateLimit-Limit: 100 You are limited to 100 requests per minute.
X-RateLimit-Remaining X-RateLimit-Remaining: 70 You have 70 requests left for this minute.
Retry-After Retry-After: 60 The limit is reached. You can make new requests in 60 seconds.

Error codes

HTTP code
What it means
401 Unauthorized Authorization required No API key passed.
401 Unauthorized Unknown user Invalid or obsolete API key passed.
401 Unauthorized Access denied Not enough credits on your account or you aren't subscribed to the service.
422 Unprocessable entity Domain name doesn't exist TIP can't resolve the target domain.
422 Unprocessable entity Domain name is required The required domainName input parameter is missing.
422 Unprocessable entity Invalid domain name The provided domain name isn't valid.
422 Unprocessable entity The 'mode' parameter is invalid Only "fast" or "full" modes are allowed.
429 Too Many Requests Too many requests The API rate limit is reached.
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