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Looking for More Signs of Nitrogen in the DNS

Nitrogen, a malware first seen in 2023,1 again resurfaced in a campaign targeting system administrators in North America.2

Jumping off a published list of 13 IoCs, 11 domains and two IP addresses to be exact, the TIP research team found more connected artifacts, specifically:

  • 18 email-connected domains
  • 13 additional IP addresses, 10 of which were malicious
  • 457 IP-connected domains
  • 12 string-connected domains
  • 9,999 registrant-connected domains, 273 of which were malicious

Fellow researchers also revealed Nitrogen connections to fake PuTTY and FileZilla installers. We scoured the DNS for signs of similar threats and found 292 potentially typosquatting domains, five of which have already been weaponized for attacks.

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  • [2]
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