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Importance of Threat Hunting Today!

Posted on January 10, 2020
The Value of Threat Hunting

A cyber attack is a pain, not just because an organization’s sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands, but also because the trust between clients and a company can be hurt in various irreparable ways. As security policies are adopted to ensure the safety of sensitive data, it is now common practice for companies and other data-reliant businesses to engage in the early detection of threats that may escape first-level security checks. Threat hunting as a concept is the proactive and purposeful search of networks to detect, identify and remove advanced threats that escaped security solutions. Simply put, threat hunting is a defensive measure that seeks to detect vulnerabilities and prevent attacks. It is proactive, iterative, and systematic.

Today, threat hunting has become a necessity because of the incessant, persistent, and dynamic attacks by cybercriminals seeking to steal sensitive data. Because it is practically impossible for organizations to cover the time, technology, and processes involved in building and developing sophisticated cybersecurity strategy at the same rate the threats do, it has become important to try and get ahead of the criminals and reduce their success rate.

As part of hunting threats, security experts need comprehensive data to make sense of their current landscape. Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can provide threat hunters with a wide range of information on risks and threats and help raise red flags on suspicious items for further investigation. Taking a proactive stance on your cybersecurity & preventing attacks by leveraging threat hunting practices can benefit your organization in the following ways:

Uncover Security Threats & Stay Ahead Of Cybercriminals

The first benefit of threat hunting is that it can help to proactively identify threats on a network and stop them. Hidden threats like malware that run in the background and other forms of malicious intrusion can be located and dealt with. This gives the company an edge over cybercriminals and reduces the possibility of threats and malicious intruders to cause damage.

Reduce Time Spent On An Investigation

By identifying the scope, causes, path, and forecasting the effects, threat hunting tools can help a security team to have a better understanding of a threat incident. An example of this is the active monitoring of networks with the aim of detecting potential threats and improving the current cybersecurity measures. This will provide crucial data for investigating incidents and equip the team with valuable lessons, tips, and corrections to prevent future incidents.

Improve Response To Security Threats

Another benefit of threat hunting is that companies and enterprises can improve the speed at which they respond to security threats. Experts say cybercriminals spend an average of 191 days inside a network before being discovered, and it takes even longer before they are successfully dealt with. A proactive hunt through a network for abnormal patterns and behaviors caused by potential threats can be an important step in determining the response rate of the cybersecurity team.

Additionally, identified active threats can be reported to a database, such as an incident responder, in order to expand the knowledge base and speed up the process of responding to threats before they can cause damage to a network.

Evaluate And Position Security Systems

Threat hunting is useful not only for intercepting potentially advanced persistent threats, but also for evaluating and understanding the current condition of the company’s cybersecurity, and its capacity to withstand attacks. This testing provides further actionable insights for security analysts.

Measurable Improvements In The Network Security

With threat hunting, an enterprise can progressively monitor the state of its security and the improvements that have happened over time. Situational reports and tracking simplify the processes of preventive and defensive security implementation protocols.

Enhance Productivity Of Resources

When used with the right intelligence, awareness, and analytics tools, threat hunting in the care of a good security analyst will bring about a reduction in breaches and breach attempts and help with optimum time and resource management.

Conclusively, threat hunting is coherent, comprehensive and is gradually gaining momentum in the technological world. 100% detection is difficult to achieve (if not impossible), but with the right Threat Intel, the most dangerous threats can be detected and dealt with before they cause harm.

Companies in search of strategies and tools to develop and improve on their cybersecurity to keep cybercriminals at bay must adopt solutions that offer accurate, actionable and relevant threat intel whether it is to identify internal infrastructure vulnerabilities which malicious actors may try to take advantage of or whether it is to confirm a website’s credibility before making connections with it. With the arsenal of tools provided by TIP, security teams can save their time and resources and enrich their threat hunting practices today!

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